It is the 5th year in a row for Groupe Renault to realize an increase in their car sales. The group had 3,761,634 vehicles sold. There was an 8.3% increase in global registration in a market that had a growth of 2.3%. Their market share is now at 4.0% which is 0.2 growths from 2016. The group had a rise of 4.1% from 2016 in the LCV section.

Both Dacia and Renault models increased their sales. This was to a record of 655,235 and 2,670,982 sold units respectively. Lada sale increased by 17.8% of units registrations in 2017. But Renault Samsung Motors sales went down by 10.1%. The Europe market grew by 3.3%. The group registration in that market also went up by 5.6% to 1,911,169 units. The group is now commanding 10.8% share of the market which is an increase of 0.2%.

The Renault models alone recorded a rise in sales by 3.7% for a market share of 8.2%. The renewal of Mégane family and the launch of June of new Koleos in 2016 improved the Renault sales. Clio is still Europe’s bestselling vehicle. On the other hand, Captur is the number-one crossover in its class. Renault still leads in the electric vehicles category. It has a market share of 23.8%. Their sales volume went up by 38%. Registrations of ZOE, Europe’s top-selling electric vehicle, rose 44%.

There will be a launch of new Duster at the beginning of 2018. But the Dacia brand has already set a new European sales record with 463,712 registrations. An increase of 11.7% and a market share of 2.6% were realized. Sandero phase 2 that was launched at end-2016 influenced the rise realized. Group registrations rose 11.6% in a market that grew 3.3%. Sales outside Europe now account for 49.2% of the total. The group’s brands are doing many numbers of markets globally. LADA XRAY, LADA Vesta, and Renault Kaptur are in Russia while Koleos is in China. In Turkey, there is Mégane Sedan while in Kwidi and Duster Oroch are in Americas.

Registration went up 13.6% in a market that expanded 7.0% in Eurasia. The group’s market share with Lada brand included increased 1.4 points to 24.5%. This was after a huge sale in Russia. The Russian market went up for the first time in four years. It had a rise of 12.2%; the group increased the sales in the market by 16.9%. The markets preferences are Renault or a Lada. Lada had a 17.0% rise in sales with a market share of 19.5% following the successful renewal of its range with the models. The models were LADA XRAY and LADA Vesta. The Renault brand got record market share of 8.5% rise of 0.3 points. Kaptur had 30,958 registrations and Duster 43,715.

Renault had a new record in Turkey. Its sales rose 7.0% on a market that dropped 2.8%. Mégane Sedan had around 39,300 registrations. Brand market share rose 1.3 points to 13.6%. That made Renault the country’s number-one brand for both the LCV and passenger car sales. Registrations went 17.0% in the Asia Pacific. That was in a market that increased 2.7%. The company sold more than 72,100 vehicles compared to 35,278 in 2016 in China.