Everyone knows that the value of your car decreases with every month that passes, and every kilometer you drive.

The question is: why don't our insurance premiums also decrease?


After all, your insurance only needs to cover the current value of your car and not the amount that you originally paid for it.

It sounds logical, but no one had ever thought about it. Well, no one that is, until King Price, offered car owners the option of decreasing their premiums month by month.

Justinus Van Der Westhuyzen, CEO of King Price, explains: "It just isn't fair on car owners. Why should they have to pay the same premium on an older car as they did when it was brand new?".

"Insurance companies review the value of your car on an annual basis, if they remember. Therefore the value of the car is never adjusted to the correct value during the year and clients pay the same higher premium for years", Justinus says. "It's all pretty vague, and as car owner the odds are stacked against you."

"With King Price though, these regular decreases are automated and hardwired into your policy - and not up to any discretion."


"If you treat people fairly, and give them the best deal you can, then those people won't take their business elsewhere (which is what we've seen with King Price)."

"And by making customers for life, our business is a lot stronger, and on a better footing, than by trying to charge as much as we can month by month."

Justinus summed it all up when he said: "We're in this for the long haul, and our clients really appreciate it. King Price did the right thing and invested properly into Namibia by setting up all functions of the business inside Namibia. I am born and bred Namibian and we only employ Namibians in Namibia. That's the right thing to do for our country and the people. We couldn't be happier."

Customers Find That They Get Cheaper Premiums from day one and then it also decreases monthly.