Namibia’s motor market has both new and second hand vehicles in the market. Just as other African states, the sale of second-hand vehicles dominate the market. In October 2017, statistics from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa explicitly show that Namibia had better sales in 2017 than 2016. Many factors may have triggered the rise of car manufacture from a volume of 48, 782 in 2016 while in 2017 the volume was 51,037.

Whatever the case, the data however indicate that the manufacture of cars have dropped if we compare 2016 data where between January and October, the volume was 459,506 while in 2017 there was a significant drop over the same period as the volume was 419,855.

Toyota took command of production as it had a volume of 12, 312 and it was closely followed by Volkswagen Group SA with a manufacturing volume of 7, 898. FMC came third as it had a volume of 6, 337. Nissan had a manufacturing volume of 4, 858 while Hyundai Automobile South Africa had been reported to have a volume of 3, 464. Isuzu/GMSA trucks manufacture volume was reported to be 2,452. It was closely followed by KIA South Africa which had 2, 219.

Other manufacturers which were captured included Renault with a volume of 2, 150, Mazda Southern Africa at 1, 116, Suzuki Auto at 917, Honda recorded 570, Jaguar land Rover was at 537, Volvo Group Southern Africa was at 460, Mahindra at 402.

The Indian manufacturer Tata had a volume of 220, Scania was at 218 while MAN was having a volume of 171. FIAT Group had 130, IVECO 129, Volvo cars 124, Mitsubishi Motors SA 123, Chrysler SA at 120, Subaru 107, Faw Trucks 103.

The companies whose volume fell below 100 in October 2017 include PCSA which had a volume of 73, JMC at 72, PowerStar at 40, Babcock at 11, Maserati South Africa at 10, VECV South Africa had 8, Scuderia South Africa had 7 while Bentley was the last in the list with a manufacturing volume of 2.

It was noted that other manufacturers like BMW Group had a volume of 1,341 while MBSA had 2,015. Besides, GWMSA had 231 and Porsche ha 90. The total volume from the above manufacturers is 51,037 in October 2017.