Everyone dreams of getting his driver's license in Namibia to drive his own car without being afraid of being questioned by the police. But unfortunately, this valuable tool is not accessible to all and there are conditions to fulfill to obtain it.

Conditions to obtain a driving license

It should already be noted that there are several categories of driving licenses in Namibia, namely:

  • A1: motorcycles with a cylinder capacity less than 125 cm3
  • A: Motorcycles with a cylinder capacity less than 125 cm3
  • B: Motor vehicle less than 3,500 kg.
  • BE: Vehicle less than 3,500 kg with trailer
  • C1: Vehicle less than 3500 kg but less than 16 000 kg.
  • C: Vehicle over 16 000 kg, with trailer not exceeding 750 kg
  • C1E: a motor vehicle of less than 3500 kg but not 16 000 kg with a trailer of less than 750 kg and a mass of less than 16 000 kg.


Certain restrictions apply to persons wishing to obtain one of these driving licenses. You will need to be at least 16 years old to acquire an A1 type permit. Then an age of 18 years for those who want a Class A, B, BE, C1, C, C1E license at the time of application.

Documents to be provided

Documents required to obtain your driving license:

  • An ID
  • An Application Form
  • A visual test
  • A receipt of applicable fees


For applicants who are very old (over 65 years of age), a medical certificate must accompany the application form. This helps to reassure that they are truly capable of driving without causing accidents.


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