If you are looking for a used car in Windhoek and Namibia, you will find all the information you need in this article. It is necessary to take some steps before you decide to choose the car that suits you best.

Windhoek City

The city of Windhoek is the capital of the southern African state of Namibia. This is where Namibia's only international airport is located, and it is from this city that you can easily find a car. Windhoek has just over 300,000 inhabitants, which represents 10% of the total Namibian population. Windhoek is finally a polyglot city where one speaks in English, Afrikaans, German or Oshiwambo.

Buying a used car in Windhoek

Before you go into research, you must already have a fixed idea of ​​the car you are looking for ie brand, model, mileage, price, fuel consumption or gas oil. Speaking of car brand in Windhoek, Toyota is the most requested brand at 49.6%, followed by the Nissan at 17.7% and Isuzu at 13.9%.

The Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Isuzu KB are among the most popular vehicles in Namibia. However, you will easily find other famous brands and models at affordable prices.

Choosing professional or private sellers

You will have to be careful not to choose necessarily professional sellers who are sometimes more expensive than private individuals. While it is true that professionals give much more guarantees, one should never buy in an emergency. Take the time to move to several deals before choosing the best one.

Schedule your vehicle purchase when you have enough free time, such as on vacation or long weekends. You will be more apt and available to realize good deals and the project will be able to spread over two days or a week according to the availabilities of each one. No hurry.