If you have a motor vehicle that runs on Namibian roads, then you have to register it. The deadlines for registration are 21 days from the date of liability. We speak in this article of second hand vehicles purchased in and outside of Namibia. We also speak about new vehicles purchased outside the country.

For second-hand vehicles purchased in Namibia

You will need the following documents to register your vehicle:

  • A Certificate of Registration provided by the vendor
  • A Police Clearance Certificate provided by the Namibian police


You may add a letter from the administrative successor of the deceased if the vehicle comes from an estate after the death of the owner. On the other hand, in case of a court decision or execution, you will provide the following documents:

  • Courier of the commissioner of the court
  • Tax bill detailing vehicle characteristics
  • A copy of the Execution order
  • A copy of the Notice of Sale


In case of brand new vehicle bought in Namibia, you will provide:

  • A Roadworthy Certification
  • A Manufacturer Certificate
  • A Police Clearance


For second-hand vehicles purchased outside of Namibia

You will provide a certificate of registration issued by the country of origin. If the vehicle comes from a SADC or SARPCCO country, it must be established from the country of origin of the vehicle. In the case where the vehicle was bought from a country out of SADC, the importer must provide a Namibian police clearance. You will also have to prove that you comply with the customs and excise legislation.

For new vehicles purchased outside Namibia

You will need a certificate from the manufacturer and prove that you comply with the customs and excise legislation.


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