To rent a car in Namibia, the driver must be at least 18 years of age or 23 years old (depending on the vehicle category and the conditions of the rental companies) and have had his / her driver's license for at least one year. Young drivers may be charged for the under 25s, it is necessary to inquire when booking. International driving license is required.

Speed ​​limit

Speed ​​limits in Namibia are as follows:

  • Agglomeration: 50 km / h
  • Outside agglomeration: 80 to 100 km / h, it is still recommended not to exceed the speed of 80 km / h.


Rules of the road

Driving is on the left in Namibia. Wearing of the belt is compulsory at the front and at the back. The blood alcohol level is 0g / l blood. The dipped beam must be switched on during the day as well. Outside the towns, service stations are rare. So you have to be careful and fill your tank as soon as you can, or even think of taking with you a gasoline bottle in order to avoid dry breakdowns.

There is no road tax in Namibia. In town, parking is generally chargeable. Otherwise, on the slopes you will find some parking areas.

Insurance information

There are several insurance related to the car rental, it is advisable to make good inquiries before making a reservation. The law of the country of taking charge of the vehicle is valid throughout the duration of the renting. The following insurance is included in the car rental rates:

  • fire insurance
  • third party liability insurance
  • accident and theft insurance

Before taking advantage of a cover, consult your bank beforehand for the exact conditions. If you need more information about insurance, refer to your purchase order.


Road network in Namibia

The road network in Namibia is not very developed, only 15% of the roads are asphalted. Tarmac roads are generally of good quality and little frequented. For other gravel tracks, it is necessary to be more careful especially at night because of the quality of the road.


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