Mahindra, which is a manufactured by Windhoek-Indian car manufacturer, has a new model in the market. It has improved feature which make it more efficient and a better buy more than ever.

First, the bakkie has a towing capacity weight of 2500kg and an improved power output in its turbo diesel of 103kW. Instead of the normal gear box, the model has a speed gearbox. The interior of the car has not been forgotten as it boasts a 6 inch full color touchscreen display. The touchscreen is found in the S10 Double Cab model.
Apart from the amazing interiors, the car has incredible changes on the outside. Features such as the fog lamps, grille, headlights, and bonnet have all undergone massive changes to fit in with the new design.

Starting with the grille, it has been fully redesigned. Some chrome accents have been added to the grille combined with a glossy black finish for an outstanding look. The smart design also includes a stronger lower intake feature. It has been reshaped to provide a stronger visual incorporation with the grille.
To create a more consistent and irresistibly visual strong appearance, black mesh has been inserted to the lower air intake and main grille.

The headlights on the car have also been revamped for a consistent new design. Unlike in other models, the lights look completely new due to some added features. First, the lights are very clean and they have a resolute look. In addition, the S10 double cab has an additional LED curved lights. The daytime running lights distinguish the double cab from other models.

The front end of the vehicle has undergone restyling in the wheels and the fog lamps. As for the fog lamps, they have been mounted in a new style such that they have been linked to the headlights through the lower edge. The new Mahindra car wheels are now 16-inch alloy wheels.

As an addition to the new Mahindra, it has an updated 2.2 litre 4 cylinder mhawk turbo diesel engine. A variable geometry turbo charger used by the battery to produce 103kw. For superior pulling power and in-gear acceleration, the vehicle reaches 3.2 Nm which is its torque peak at 1,600 r/mins and it is sustained to 2,800 r/min.

The Mahindra’s turbo diesel engine is available on a 4x4 transmission on low range and can also be linked to a 6 speed manual gearbox for driving the rear wheels. The Next Generation Mahindra Pickup entire range is fitted with the mechanical locking differential as standard.

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