It is interesting to note the most popular car in the world and more so in some countries. This information highlights how people sped spend on cars in different countries and the brands that reap most in different countries or the world as a whole.

Would you like to know the top car selling models in specific countries?

Toyota Hilux has the highest sales in southern African countries specifically in Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, and in Mozambique. When it comes to the world car sales, Toyota is the leading car manufacturer with the highest sales. Toyota, which is a Japanese owned car manufacturer company, is the biggest carmaker in the world. Customers who buy Toyota and experts agree that Toyota is ahead. Their position is influenced by their high level of quality and up to date innovation when making their cars. Toyota custom makes cars that fit different environments and this is probably why they are the leading car manufacturer in the world.

Now let’s look at how cars fair per year

The Toyota Hilux tops the list of the most favorite cars in the world. It actually ranks as the most favorite car in twenty eight countries in the world. Such popularity is unbeatable as it is s sign of strong and positive impact of the car. Toyota Hilux is the most popular car in countries such as South Africa, Honduras, Argentina, Australia, and Oman.

As for the best car manufacturer in the world, Toyota is top on the list. According to statistics, 11 Toyota car models are the top most selling cars in 54 countries in the world.

I guess you wouldn’t guess this but do you know the number one car model in the UK? It’s the Volkswagen Golf. Not only is it a favorite in the UK but it is also the second most popular car in the world. In Belgium, Norway, Germany and five more countries, Volkswagen Golf is the most favorite car model.

Americans love trucks and that is why it is not a wonder why the Ford-150 is the favorite car model in America. It is also the best-selling truck and has been for the last 40 years and this has not yet changed to date.

You cannot deny that there are many models of cars on the road today. Vehicle manufacturers are consistently trying to meet the needs and demands of people. The variance in the make and model of car is not about to end.