New Audi E-Tron electric prototype reviewd in Namibia! Audi has chosen the center of Namibia to demonstrate that its electric car is ready to be sold. This harsh and unforgiving environment has numerous advantages to test Audi’s new model. They wanted to come here because the Bitterwasser salt pan, which is located at two hundred kilometres in the south of Windhoek, is very powdery so it is like if you drive on snow. On the ground, the heat is a very good test to prove the strength of the vehicles. The German brand boasts to have designed the most sophisticated software.

Audi E-Tron should arrive in showrooms next year. This new car will have a great number of qualities. Its daring design, its first wated-cooled electric motor, its very high-tech interior are part of them. The car is also very quiet and comfortable at all speeds and has a specific electronically regulated all-wheel-drive. It also has a good acceleration. The E-Tron model is said to travel more than four hundreds of kilometres in ideal conditions.

Princing for the United States has been announced at more than 75,000USD$