A car with a leather interior is one of the things people in Namibia notice after getting into a car. ‎Vehicle manufacturers provide basic to bespoke leather seating options for style and comfort. As in past years, luxury car manufacturers use aniline leather which isn’t easy to maintain. However, most leather seats are stain-resistant as they are treated and coated properly. This makes seat cleaning easier and simple. Read ahead to ensure you are doing everything right to maintain your leather.

  Do’s of Leather seat cleaning.

  • Do vacuum first to clean sand, dirt, and loose grime.
  •  Do use microfiber cloth as it won’t scratch your surface.
  • Do look for any leather cleaner in an out of sight area to ensure it is appropriate for your seats.
  • Do clean your seats once a month and condition them two to three times a year.
  • Do go step by step and work in every section.
  • Do mix water with vinegar if you want to make your solution.
  • Do look for a cleaner without toxic chemicals.

Don’ts of leather seat cleaning

  • Don’t soak your cloth with a cleaning solution, as too much liquid can damage the seat.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the car owner or your dealer about the type of leather and if it has been re-dyed.
  • Don’t spray any chemicals directly on seats, especially on leather with tiny holes. Use microfiber cloth instead.
  • Don’t wait for the solution to dry on the seat; instead, massage it with a microfiber cloth until it's absorbed.
  • Don’t use conditioners containing waxes or petroleum, as they can dull your leather’s finish or cause product build-up.
  • Don’t use a brush with hard bristles; instead, use a brush specially made for car cleaning or a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Don’t use low-quality products; instead, use high-quality products which might be expensive but keep your leather in good condition.

It's really smart to begin slow and move toward a more forceful cleaning assuming your seats need it.

As a rule of thumb, it's really smart to begin slow and move toward a more forceful cleaning assuming your seats require it. You can utilize a similar cleaner on your leather interior for a more amazing finish. With the help of these tips, your car's leather seat will look beautiful for a long time. So to have leather that looks good, you need to keep it clean and maintained.