Photo Courtesy: Toyota

A coming of age in its prime, the Toyota Hilux is a fine specimen that has undergone several changes through time to appeal to more pickup truck lovers.  Firstly manufactured in 1968, this automobile went through a series of upgrades to add more efficiency to its already adored capabilities. The Toyota Hilux maintains the honor of being amongst the best selling pickups in the global market for years. 

At, we believe the Toyota Hilux is an incredible off-roader that offers excellent driving on any terrain in Namibia.

This mid-size pickup truck packs a hard punch with its several improved accessories, which are all compacted into various models like the Toyota Hilux 2020 Rogue. It comes with a DIESEL TURBO F/INJ engine sizing 2.8L, offering maximum power of 130kW at a rate of 3400 rpm and a torque of 450Nm at a rate of 1600 rpm like its variants, which include the SR5, SR, and Rugged X. The workmate has a lower rate of 122kW maximum power, and it uses a fierce transmission of 6 SP automatic with a drive type of 4×4. It runs with diesel having a tank capacity of 80 L to which consumption happens at 8.5L at 100Km.

Photo Courtesy: Toyota

The Toyota Hilux 2020 Rogue is a distinct, strong-looking reliable vehicle weighing a curb of 2080, reaching a height of 1815mm, a length of 5330mm, owning a width of 1855mm and ground clearance of 279mm. Towing capacity brakes at 3200 tones and unbrakes at 750 kg.

The design for this automobile, although still in progression, when diving into the looks of its variant ‘Rogue’ it offers a relatively moderate modern glance with an exciting twist. Leather layered interior presenting heated 8-way powered front seats, a roller cover capable of withstanding harsh situations and can be controlled with the push of a button, resin sailplane sports bar' aero inspired and make with alloy wheels.

Photo Courtesy: Toyota

A variety of Hilux models have accompanied accessories to add to the amazement, such as a 4.2in touchscreen with a Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system assisted with reversing camera and DAB radio, cruise control, descent control, folding door mirrors, a cool box, Bluetooth, air conditioning, 17in steel wheels, automatic headlights and more.

Overall the Hilux pickups are remarkable, highly adjustable, and reliable vehicles capable for both on and off-road uses with an impressive workforce. For more details, here’s a short YouTube video -

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