Eros Airport Carwash located near Eros Airport domestic terminal in Windhoek is one of the best in the city. It holds class and serenity, thriving in providing car wash services for the upper class.

Eros Airport Carwash is conveniently situated and employs locals in the area. It has eleven employees, three administrative staff and eight young men who wash the cars. Destiny Amunyela and her partners have successfully operated the business over one year despite the economic slowdown experienced in the country. 

Miss Amunyela said that they started operations in February 2017 after receiving consent from the Namibia Airport Company management. She and partners have since strived to provide the best customer service and excellent marketing strategies. This has made their business to grow. Miss Amunyela revealed that the carwash idea was borne from the desire to own an upscale carwash business.

Customers usually watch favorite games on a DSTV stream or grab snacks while waiting for their cars to be washed. The carwash also provides free coffee and Wi-Fi for their customers. Amunyela acknowledged that they hold high professionalism when handling customer needs. The business also has a cool, clean, relaxing atmosphere with around the clock security provision to ensure that their customers are comfortable.

She said that they had struggled at the beginning but later received positive reception even on social platforms. She revealed that the management and staff work as a team which enables them to deliver the best professional services. All staff wears company t-shirts with their names inscribed on them. She says that this promotes the company’s image and builds client trust.

On average, the company washes 15 to 20 vehicles on a daily basis. They also have a signed agreement with several car hire companies in the city which adds to their customer base. They provide car wash options like the exterior, interior, full body and cleaning & polishing engines. The carwash opens at 07h30 on weekdays for 12 hours and 09h30 on weekends.

Miss Amunyela revealed that plans are underway to make the carwash a one-stop shop where customers would access other services like a saloon.