Namibia was ranked top among 10 best countries in Africa with quality roads infrastructure. This was according to the 2017- 2018 annual Global Competitiveness Report published by World Economic Forum.

Windhoek’s Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) commended the government of Namibia on the excellent road infrastructure rankings. Namibia was placed at position 31 out of 137 countries. Additionally, the country maintained its top position among 10 best African countries in 2017/2018 report just as in the last report of 2016/2017. However, Namibia had been ranked at position 23 out of 138 countries in the 2016/2017 report.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report, Namibia is currently among the countries with quality roads infrastructure globally. It has quite a good record beating known economic giants like Brazil ranked at 103, China at position 42, India at 55 and Italy at position 45.

Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry noted that the excellent rankings were as a result of consistent efforts and investments made in the past by the government. Such was in line with Namibia’s Vision 2030 plans. The NCCI said that with such cooperation of all stakeholders involved, it would be possible for the small country to achieve even higher excellence levels. NCCI’s statement also read that the rankings were a very significant achievement reflecting on the government’s commitment over the past years. As such, quality roads infrastructure is any country’s economic pillar which enhances mobility of goods and people thus increasing trade.

NCCI also credited the local industries for cooperating with the government to ensure that Namibia achieved such great success. The commission emphasized on adoption of public-private partnerships by the government so as to stimulate more economic activities. They also said that there was a need for the continued collaboration between the private sector and government. This would ensure that the country achieves even more success in all sectors of its economy. Furthermore, NCCI committed to continuing rallying support for the government from all constituencies in investing on roads and railway infrastructure. The success in these sectors would transform Namibia to top logistic hub in the region.