A good rule never to forget is that a good maintenance and thus a perfectly clean car is important for you but also for the future potential buyer of your vehicle. Indeed, the day you want to sell your car, you can bet that the future buyer will be even more likely to put the right price if the car is of course in good condition, but also clean, be it internally or externally. A clean car seem newer, in better shape, more reliable but most of all more confortable for a new owner. However, with dust, mud, dirt, etc you can still encounter so many frequent dirty cars in Namibia whereas they would be easy to clean if you know the good spots !

As the first Internet portal for classifieds (cars, motorcycles and trucks) in Namibia, CarYange offers you a selection of companies that can take care of your car in Windhoek, the capital of the country.

Total Riverside Service Centre
Cnr Robert Mugabe Ave & Etna St, Windhoek
Phone: 061 227 820

Maerua Car Wash
Centaurus Street, Windhoek
Phone: +264 61 309 920

Sureclean Car Wash
Puccini Street, Windhoek
Phone: +264 61 256 784 

Fine Touch Auto Wash Windhoek
Marconi Street, Windhoek
Phone: +264 81 296 9350