Neither life could be flawless, nor things we use in our daily lives. The same goes for our cars. Car new or old messes from time to time and you may have to handle a new problem every time, in this article we will be discussing 25 customary problems faced by car owners in Namibia.

1. Warning lights:
Warning lights appear when one of the sensors detects an error and highlights it to the engine control unit.

2. Sputtering Engine:
A well-maintained fuel and ignition system can provide you with a sputter-free engine.

3. Shaky Steering Wheel:
Damaged wheel bearing and suspension components can result in a shaky steering wheel.

4. Worn Brake Pads:
The more you drive your car, the more your brake pads will wear down. 

5. Squeaking Brakes:
Due to many but minor issues car brakes can squeak or squeal. 

6. Flat Tyres:
Rotating your tires according to the manufacturer's instructions will help you avoid tire punctures more often.

7. Uneven tire wear:
Defected tires or vibrating steering wheels can cause uneven tire wear. 

8. Unusual Oil consumption:
If your car lacks a built-in oil filter bypass system, then you can avoid unusual oil consumption by changing your car oil and oil filter at regular intervals.

9. Alternator fails
An alternator keeps the car's battery charged and helps all electrical connections work, although a proper service is required to keep it running.

10. Radiator leakage:
Corrosion in your radiator causes leakage and it will cause overheating of the engine etc.

11. Starter Motor fails:
You can not start your car if there is a glitch in your starter motor.

12. Crack windscreen:
Cracks in a windshield can be repaired sometimes, but only a professional can decide whether to replace or repair them.

13. Excessive smoke emission:
A car’s emission system is made of numerous components, and failure of any component can cause excessive emission.

14. Fuel Leaks:
Fuel is temperature-sensitive and it may be problematic if it enters into an evaporator.

15. Sensors Malfunctioning:
Modern cars come with numerous sensors and issues may appear in them.

16. Gear Box problems:
Gearbox problems appear with time and can be avoided by regular maintenance. 

17. Faulty speakers:
A car’s sound system can become faulty easily due to loose wires etc. 

18. Faulty Lights:
Issues like wiring disorder, or corrosion may fuse the bulbs of the car's indicator, headlights, and brake lights. 

19. Flat battery:
A flat battery can occur due to many reasons, it's better to change it after every 2 to 3 years.

20. Minor issues:
Poor paintwork, streaking Wipers, and scratches are other minor problems that can be solved by a professional’s help.

21. Window problems:
Electric windows often become faulty due to bad weather or external force.

22. Faulty Starter:
Replacing a starter motor can solve the starting problem faced by your car.

23. Rust:
Rust is always dangerous as it eats away essential parts of your car.

24. Faulty fuel system:
Faulty fuel systems can affect your car’s mileage, regular change of oil filters, oil, and spark plugs can save you from bigger problems.

25. Engine Overheating:
Overheating of a car’s Engine can be avoided by regular radiator maintenance.

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